Happy New Year

Well, the new “woodland” studio is fully operational and I really love working there, especially on a sunny winter’s day like this one! What does the new year have in store? I haven’t applied for any exhibitions as I want to focus on the wall panels as a complete body of work - and they are quite time consuming! I’ll just keep going until I’m happy that it all makes sense as a series. I do miss the buzz of exhibiting though, so hopefully I will re-emerge in the not too distant future with my new work.

Colony II

I’m really enjoying making these wall sculptures! The electrician came round today to install my industrial sockets for the kiln and air compressor in the new studio so I am plugged in and ready to work on the next ones.

30 Nov 2011

New Studio

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog - things always seem to take longer than planned and I had been planning to move into my new studio last month. Well, it’s finally ready, a converted outbuilding, insulated and very cosy with enough space to make all the mess I want! I am in the process of moving all my stuff in and still waiting for the electrician to come and wire in my kiln. Can’t wait to get to work in the new space!

22 Nov 2011

One Day Sale

Did the One Day Designers Sale at Craft Central yesterday and sold a number of pieces despite it being an unusually quiet day. By far the most popular items to sell this time were the lace dishes. Now it’s back to work on the wall sculptures. It seems like I’ve been working on them forever and have very little to show for it yet - but hopefully once I start assembling them there will finally be some evidence of all that has gone on behind the scenes!

20 Sept 2011

New retail outlets for autumn/winter 2011


I have been invited to participate in two exciting events this autumn/winter. Firstly, I will be exhibiting my work at the “Artisan” exhibition at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery (4th Nov-23rd Dec). Then, from late November and over the Christmas and New Year period, my work will be on sale in London at the Somerset House ‘pop-up’ shop during the ice rink period. Running alongside the Tiffany shop, Somerset House has this year introduced an outlet selling handmade artworks in various media. From the Somerset House website:

Designers and Makers at Somerset House Gallery and Shop
The shop will be selling unique pieces by 40 well-known craftspeople. Featuring a wide range of items, from hand-made ceramics and glassware to jewellery and framed artwork, giving you the chance to buy original work.”

15 Sept 2011

One Day Designers Sale at Craft Central

It’s back to work after the holidays and I kick off with the One Day Designers Sale at Craft Central in Clerkenwell, London on 19th September To make way for new work next year, I will be selling off current stock at 50% OFF as well as samples and older work at up to 80% OFF. There will be lots of pieces at under £30 so it’s a great opportunity to snap up an early Christmas present!

3 Sept 2011

First Blog Entry

Having overcome some initial resistance, I’ve finally got round to writing my first blog! So I’ll start off with a little introduction to my new work... This is the first in a series of wall sculptures I am working on. The title ‘Colony’ refers to the original inspiration behind these sculptures - beautiful colonies of underwater invertebrates such as sea anemones and tube worms. They reminded me of delicate little vessels and I was struck by the way a vast number of almost identical creatures make their home together, rooted permanently to the spot, all doing the same thing in unison.

It’s quite a departure from my previous work (see archive) but a change of direction has been brewing for quite a few months. Having moved last year from London to a rural pocket of Surrey the extra space around me has given my creativity room to expand! More to come.....

5 Aug 2011

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